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Saturday, September 24, 2011

God answers the question - a nice title Dad!

It has been a dream come true for me when i got the information from my parents that i have been awarded the prestigious YUVA KALA BHARATHI for this year from Bharat Kalachar

I sincerely take this oppurtunity to dedicate this award and all the recognition the instrument - Keyboard has received till date & will be receiving in the coming years, to the Grace of The Almighty, blessings of my Gurus, wishes of my well wishers, forums & individuals who have been supporting and promoting with great opportunities and the hard work put in by my team of enhancement artists including the audio system persons, our close friends who have been always with us from my early age of 5 and most importantly my Parents who have taken this as a "Yagna". 

I know if i have to list all individuals the BLOGGER administrator might take me out of this as it is endless from my Thatha Embar Sadagopan, Nadopasana Srinivasan sir for the first oppurtunity, Panneer Selvam uncle for the oppurtunity he tried to extend to me through Ms. Vasantha Naidoo, Indian Academy South Africa, Dinesh Naidoo uncle (South Africa) for giving me the support to bring out my first album at the age of 8! Special thanks to my school - Padma Seshadri K.K. Nagar management, teachers & friends for giving me immense support and encouragement!

Let me once again thank one and all who have been of great support to me directly or indirectly for my progress and dedicate this award to them! This also gives me great responsibility to keep trying my best to live to all the expectation of my well wishers!! Pranams to my Gurus and you all!! he award function is on the November 2,6 2011 at Vani Mahal, T. Nagar and i would be pleased to have amny of our personal presence. 

I also thank many of you who have posted their wishes in FB and other forums for me receiving this prestigious Award!!