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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Andra Pradesh Concert tour 12th - 16th Jan'08

I enjoyed this trip as it came just after a hectic schedule and here i was enjoying train travel. I enjoyed the 2nd leg of travel between Secunderabad and Kakinada which we had to travel by 2nd AC as we could not get normal sleeper class seat. Having accepted the concert appa said we will go ahead. Kakinada sabha people were also considerated and compansated a sum. The interesting part is when appa booked Thillai Suri uncle's was on RAC 1 and as my appa said in the morning of travel he got his seat confirmed in 1st AC! Yes we all travelled in 2nd AC and Suri uncle had the privilage of travelling in 1st AC! I was happy to have been in that for some time and slept in 2nd ac next to appa's berth.

The concerts went well with the grace of almighty and i also thank god for having given great time spent with joy. We played cricket to heart's content at Kainada and also visited Dhakaramam temple [one of the Pancharama temples of Lord Siva] which is as old as 8th century! A great temple indeed. Having come back i now have my exams and preparing for the same. I look forward to the Thiruvaiyaru trip on the 25th Jan where i will be performing from 2 - 215pm that day.