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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great Day and Seeking all your wishes & Prayers!

Amidst all the performances, rehearsals and recordings have finished Practical Board exams and getting ready / preparing for the School Final Exams starting on 1st March and going on through 6th, 15th, 30th and 12th April, 2013. Need all your blessings and prayers for me to do well and come out with good marks! (yes yes, i am surely seriously preparing for the exams but your wishes and prayers are also need for sure!) 

It was indeed a long day yesterday and it also showed my parents love and passion for my musical career! Well, i sincerely know all these years but it was yet another occasion to know it sincerely! I had a long recording session for the Carnatic Symphony project during the day and had left for a discussion with Paul Jacob uncle in the evening with regard to our showin NIOT, Vellacherry to be held on February 22, 2013. When the meeting got over it was already 840pm and my mom reminded that we had to go for Karaikal Venkalt anna's “B-I-L's” wedding reception. By this time i had developed headache and so asked appa if i can be at home! Agreed to it they went and came back and in the mean time i started working on the project realising that i have little time to deliver the tracks as february 20th is the deadline!

After coming home i was readying myself to perform in the Akandam concert organised by Carva Trust at Ayodhya Mandapam and we decide to go there to listen and then may be perform if opportunity comes! Slowly by now my head ache was getting worser and on seeing my face amm with all her LOVE asked if we could check with the organisers if we could perform early and go! Appa was very clear and said, “If we cannot stay back lets be true to them in saying that Sathya is not well and keep going. Let us not at any point in time put the organisers into inconvenience by asking favours as there were many artists who had been waiting to perform having come before us.” I understood the commitment and PASSION appa has on music and the respects he gives an organiser! By this time i was praying the The Almighty and yes the head ache was subsiding and there came by turn with no influence made, at 140 am and rendered 4 krtithis which was well appreciated by the audeince present and in fact i myself was so satisfied when a variation / prayogam came good and i cherished the moment as well!

Thanks my dear Amma and Appa for all the love and the guidance you have been giving me! You are indeed my Treasure and hope to fullfill all your dreams and that of my well wishers with the Grace of The Almighty!

Eagerly awaiting the Farewell day followed by the concerts on 22nd and 23rd Feb'13. I will be very happy if i could finish the Music project for Shasikiran uncle concept of CARNATIC SYMPHONY which is to be held in Cleveland Music Festival, 2013 and it is going to be an interesting event! I will not be in a position to be there to witness it but i am happy i am involved in arranging the music for this event with great krithis to be performed! I hope to finish the recording as well, for our new album under SATHYABODHI for a great cause with a fund raiser performance by our Team on the March 20, 2013. Details to follow!