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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2011, January 15 - Chennai Sangmam concert at my home ground
After a lovely concert at Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashram for Nadasudha - Velachery on the 13th Jan'11, it was once again a great home coming for me this year as Chennai Sangamam gave me the venue as KK Nagar Sivan Park on a important day - Kanum Pongal day! There was indeed a sea of people assembled at the venue watching a lively old dance performance with great rhythmic patterns! In fact our team was actually feeling if we could hold on this audience  immersed with pure folkish music and thought if we should start of also on a folk tune!

My dad had clearly made up his mind and decided to go with our original idea of starting with a Mallari and believe me it worked! Thanks to Nadas Bala anna, Mrudangam Swaminthan anna, Drummer Sridhar anna, Bass guitar Suri uncle, Tabla Pradeepuncle and Percussion Rajagopal uncle and of course the audio provided, made it a grand evening with crowd actually started growing up instead of going done which we thought would happen initially!

It was one of the most successful concerts performed in terms of holding a huge audience after a good popular show with instrumental music and i just remembered our performance for Rasika Fine Arts on the Jan 02nd evening we performed after a great vocal concert of Sow. Sriraranjani Santhanagopalan's concert. Full marks to the team and the audio support for this great success! I am sure you will agree with me after seeing the video clippings above.  In fact i was pleasantly surprised to get good report on the performance from Smt. Neyveli Santhanagopalan, when we happened to meet in a private function! It was so nice of aunty to praise me and my team's effort including my dad's anchoring the show as usual in a great style!