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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Concert in Thanjavr brahadheeswarar temple on 29th October, 2009

Soon after this Deepavali i had a concert on the 20th Oct'09 which went well with good audience and also was a kind of crtain raiser for the concerts to come next month.

I was so happy that i got the oppurtunity to perform for the great Emperor Raja Raja Cholan's 1024th birthday celebrations in Thanjavur which was celerated as sadhaya Vizha. Our team performed at the Big temple - Brahadheeswarar Temple and got the chance to see the deity at almost 2 feet distance. A huge Lingam was indeed great and hope to receive all the blesings of the Lord Siva. Thanks to TN Minister or Commerce and Trade Sri bayadullah and the Festival committee which had extended this opptunity.

We had a great concert and also wonderful time at the Hotel Sangam where we stayed. We were playing cricket in the swimming pool and all of us were very energetic dring the concert prresentation later in the day from 830 - 1115 pm. A memorable trip which all of cherished it and ill be in or minds for a long time.