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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dream come true! under the tutelage of The Musical Genius.

I Just cannot forget the oppurtunity i got through Raja uncle who is friend of Abaswaram Ramjhi uncle which was for performing for Vipanchee on the 25th December'08! Yes! that day i had the great blessing of PadmaVibhusan Dr. Balamuralikrishna sir seeing me perform and asked me to come to his house for learning. What a great varam i got that day! It was just a dream for me then and now it has become true!

Yes i am blessed to be under the tutelage this great musician, living God of Music - Dr. Balamuralikrishna uncle, from the 9th July'09, another d-day in my life! Have already attented two classes and i just still cannot believe that he has accepted me as his sishya.It will take some time for me to realise this great reality and i pray and hope to live up & become a good sishya for him. Thanks Raja uncle for that oppurtunity at the "Vipanchee".