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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A 2 hour concert as a violin accompanist

Thanks to my amma and Violin Raghuraman uncle who had organized this concert, i got my first oppurtunity to perform a full fledged concert as an accompanying artist on violin. I am so blessed that it was for my amma Smt. Lalitha Krishnababu which gave me enough oppurtunity to do rehearsals at home. We had a good understanding and all this was seen very much on stage on the 6th Oct'08.

It was a different experience altogether as an accompanying artist as my focus was just following and doing my solo turns for ragam and swarams. Complete planning was left to amma and i realy enjoy this side of the stage also very much. However, i am at this point of time not deciding on anything with regard to continuing this act of an accompanying artist. I need to go a long way in terms of learning the nuances on violin and i am pleased to say that i like this also and will continue doing my practice on violin. Appa, for a change, has taken the videos and photos and please do view the same and forward your comments to my email Audio track also will be uploaded soon.

My sincere thanks to the almighty who has provided an excellent oppurtunity to perform at the Hayagreever Sannadhi and what else can i expect more with great and learned audience who were there to bless me. I had the blessings of my grandparents also for this concert and they were all thrilled to see me in my new assignment, which i do like a lot.