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Sunday, February 24, 2008

A play i attended of my friend - Pranav on the 22nd Feb'08

I was fortunate to have been there for Pranav's play (appa's friend Diwakar uncle son and a good friend of mine) and it was indeed good. What a remarkable commitment shown by Pranav! He was just so casual and was looking as if he has done play stage plays before this!. The other girl who acted in the lead role also was excellent and the award for best actor / actress should go to these two for sure!! I am all praise for Pranav's ability to have absorbed so much of dialogues and in few scenes it was very lengthy too. We enjoyed the play all throughout.Given time and encouragement Pranav's interest will surely be on the upswing and we can look forward to ahve a great theatre artist and may be a great Hero in the near future for our big screens too!!

I shall upload few photos later.