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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A great trip to Shimoga! 10th October, 2007

I loved this trip with four long train journeys to and fro and that itself was quiet interesting. The time we left Chennai by Lalbaugh on the 9th Oct'07, i was very lucky to have got the seat position - window and a aisle for my appa, and a good ac chair car travel. Being on train after a long time during day time, i enjoyed it to my heart's content. Appa was busy reading Gandhiji's biography while in Labaug Express both ways.

We reached Bangalore by 930 and went crossing all the tracks from Platform 1 - 10 to take Shimoga Express which left at 1140pm. The worst every train with lots of cockroaches was this leg of travel both ways with coaches looking neat but with full of 100s of insects. It took almost 1 hr for appa to try and clear all these after which only i could guarantee myself with some sleep.

As we were approaching Shimoga, appa woke me and was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see the mist when i opened my eyes. Here is a small video clipping which will give you an idea. On reaching we straight went to the hotel we were booked to stay namely Madhura Paradaise. This was located just infront of the Gandhi Park.

After check-in appa & myself went round the park and enjoyed the morning walk. After breakfast we went to the Vinayagar Temple located in the area called Ramana Shetty Park and also to Hanuman Alaya. On way the auto driver showed us one of the oldest churches of India. We enquired about JOG falls and on hearing that water level was little less and also that the travel time of 6 hrs both ways (around 220 kms), i decided to reserve it for our next Holiday trip!

The concert in the evening was also great with good ambience. All the artists appreciated me after the concert and so was the audience and the sabha officials. We left Shimoga immediately after the concert with fond hopes of coming back again very soon on a holiday trip. i am sure we will make it!
I also enjoyed the comments of my class teacher to my mom about me being a nice student, when i attended the parents day meet at the school after reaching Chennai.

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