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Monday, August 27, 2007

A special concert with Aathi Choodi composition on 25th Aug'07

While every concert was performed with dedication and for success the one on the 25th Aug'07 was special for me. I had composed music / tune for Ovaiyar's Aathichudi on the 23rd morning and with just a rehearsal on the same day morning we performed it on the 25th Aug'07 in Chennai and it came out very well.

Our team was enhanced with Nivas Prasanna anna (who is in the team of V3 just qualified into the semifinals of Ooh La La Lah and also a member in Jus3 of Abaswaram Ramjhi uncle.) who played chords and also sang two songs during the show. The other members were Ananthakrishnan anna - Violin, Arjun Ganesh anna - Mrudhnagam, Hari anna - Ghatam, Sridhar anna - Drums and Pradeep uncle on Tabla.