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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ROLI SEABOARD 25 - The New Addition to our Family in this UK Trip

It was this June trip to UK, thanks to Orupanai and Mr & Mrs Swaminathan and Team, we had a great time with all three of us travelling abroad after 13 long Years ! Yes after April 2003 trip to South Africa and Mauritius this trip was more memorable, thanks also to London Bala uncle (mrudhangam Vidwan) who made this possible with his project for which Amma sang. He was also so nice in providing us with Great food just not for us but for the entire family of sponsors as well. 

We had some good time with Drummer Sridhar anna as well at the last leg of our trip.  

I am so happy for this new addition to our family.

Check this link on my first attempt.

This is indeed a great to my family of Key(s) instrument, thanks to the Well wisher Couple in Uk who had presented this to me during our recent trip.

What a wonderful expressive instrument it is!