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Friday, September 19, 2014

My Human God Left This Universe Today - A Black Day for the Music World!

I dedicate my Life to him as it is his Pitchai i am what i am!

It is probably the most darkest day in my life to understand my First Guru Sri. Mandolin Shrinivas ji is no more with us! I have been inspired by his music, by his presence and that ever smiling Face! Hard to understand the fact that i cannot see him, interact with him any more! I pray The Almighty to give me strength to take this and also make me stronger to present the best of Human and Music values he has taught and guided me with whatever little interactions i have had with this Human God of mine and our family!

We as family attribute our entire life to him as it was Mandolin Shrinivas ji, who first recognised our instrument keyboard and at a very critical juncture lifted our spirits by telling us to inform the world that he is my Guru! What a great Blessing i have had! 

My appa & amma recalls that when they approached Mandolin Shrinivas ji after going to his house, to be a Guest of Honour for my first album release function it seems he politely said that he had never been to a function like this! This was in the first week of August 2003 when i was 8 years old!  Then my appa requested him if i could at least play a piece in front of him and get his blessings, he accepted it overwhelmingly saying, "Thats possible any time". My father went down and brought the keyboard and in the meantime i remember he asking me what i would like to play for him. I said Mallari in Kandajathi Triputa thalam and he was so happy on it. My parents were folding their hands and sitting behind me and i had The Legendary Mandolin Shrinivas sir in front of me as i started playing! What a moment which i will Cherish till my last Breath indeed! He was so divine sitting and listening to my Mallari with folded hands and i was feeling as if i was performing in front of The Almighty and he indeed became my Human God from that moment! When he asked to play one more i said i love to play Nagumomu he immediately said, "Sathya that was my preferred piece as well in my young days and i have played whenever people asked me to play". This showed the child character in him and so humble to share thoughts with me!

After i finished playing he looked at my dad and asked when was the function and as my appa replied that it was on August 16th, 2003 he immediately said that he will come! My dad was pleasantly shocked and asked him if he is sure of it for which he said, "yes and also please spell my name as just U. Shrinivas and not Srinivas pls!" He also added that "this child is on a new instrument and having good layam as he did not expect thalam from any of us and still performed thrikalm in Mallari in Knadajathi Triputa talam. I will only be making a mistake if i turned down your request and so i will make it for his Album release". A moment non of us in our family will forget.

After the concert in Brahma Gana Sabha in December 2003, a critic had appreciated my kknowledge in music but condemned my parents for having put me in this instrument keyboard. He had advised them to change me to take up the formal instruments in Carnatic Music to have be grow big! At this point in time in my life my father called up Mandolin Shrinivas ji and asked him to guide us. He simply said that he also underwent these kind of situations in his early days. He also emphasized the fact that, "Sathya is doing a great job and thats the reason you are being criticized. Do not fear and keep traveling. However please ensure to tell every one from today that I am his Guru". For this when my appa asked him how could we lie, he simply said, "Is it not the fact that you brought him to my house and he played Mallari and Nagumomu for me during August 2003? I have already given him Deeksha and i assure you to take few classes once i return from US". Mandolin Shrinivas ji did call on his return and i had the privilege of being under his tutelage for a good period.

To us it is Mandolin Shrinivas ji who is the first Musician to have recognised the instrument Keyboard and his endorsement to teach me on it really gave it the much need credibility. This inflicted confidence in the minds of Music forums & rasikas as well  and thats the major reason for whatever the level the Keyboard artists have come up to today.  Becoming his Sishya gave me a great boost in my career and the best that had happened i my life till then! There has been no turning back from the day i saw and played in front of him! I might not have spent great hours physically but he has been there with me always particularly when i relate with Music and with his blessings and Guru Ashirvadhams i pray The Almighty do grace me to do my best to emulate him as a Human first and then a Musician.

Only request to The Almighty is that please do leave good people among us too as we need / seek guidance from great Human like Mandolin  Shrinivas ji. It is a loss which can never ever be compensated! We can keep listening to his music performance any number of hours and

May his soul Rest in Peace!