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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Long Memorable Day in London for November 2013 visit

The day started around 8am in the morning as we had to travel around 120 miles to Birmingham for the concert at Sri Venkateswara Temple with Dr. Achuthan on violin and Sri. Bhavani Sankar on Mrudhangam. An enjoyable happening was that there was a traffic diversiona nd the GPRS in the vehicle took us round and round for some 15 mts and later we decided to follow the divert sign boards and reached our place from inside Swindon centre town in 10 mts!This brought us the memory of Vivek and Vijay going on bike in Chennai and after all traffic diversion they would reach Andra border! Well this was indeed reverse but still thought of sharing!  

It was almost 5-7 all through this day and we actually packed up our jerkins inside and so travelled few places without it and enjoyed the chillness, very hard or never to experience in Chennai for sure!

After this concert we had a god dharshan of Lord Venkateswara and proceeded to Swindon for the next concert. Left at 530 and reached Swindon at 650pm (after the 30 mts thamasa!) 90 miles in almost 1 hour! We had the concert at the New College Swindon Tamil Sangam for their Deepavali festivity. Thanks sincerely to Sri. Thyagarajan, brother of prof. Swaminathan our main sponsor and also to Balu Raguram anna who also insisted to have our concert after our performance on 03 November, 2013!  We had a great respeonce from teh audience including the Mayor who had been there for the celebrations!

We left around 1030 and the clock in the GPRS showed that we would reach our destination by 0003 and yes we did reach a minute early by 0002! It is indeed amazing the way GPRS works here when the roads are not diverted!

Hoping for a clear day today and planned to go to a theatre to watch LION KING and shall share the experience later in the day or after my return!