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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Last day of 2010 & First day of 2011

After the New Year night meet at The Music Academy with many musicians and after a satisfying performance with my Uncle Sri Embar S. Kannan (just the two of us) i went back home with a great satisfaction of taking the new year ahead with great confidence!

It has been a great 2011, year starting off with two concerts -  in the morning for Indian Fine Arts and in the evening for Kunnakudy Schol of Music & TS Mahalingam & Sons at Sri Marundeeswara Temple, Thiruvanmiyur. What a contrast of th3e audeicne present in these two concerts! Morning it was hand full and in the evening it was Temple full! The interesting moment was that the children who had come with their parents started putting thalam for few songs see my father doing it!

It was also first time i was teaming with Mrudhanga vidwan Bangalore Sri H.S. Sucheendra sir and he sincerely complemented me for my efforts. To get blessings from him on the New Year morning was indeed very inspiring! Srinivasan uncle - Secretary TIAF gave a nice speach and made me do a lec-dem on Desh with his singing! Salute to his age and the spirit with which eh is working!