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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interactions with Mr Mohan uncle from Australia 03 Jan' 09

I had Sri Mohan uncle - a Keybaord artiste from Melbourne, with his wife at home on the 3rd Jan'09 and we spent good time at home interacting with each other. I was so happy to see his keyboard which was weighing just around 5-6 kgs. However as it had the bender in the vertical position i am not convinced to use same for my eprformances as i am now used to the pitch bender in the horizontal position. Here is the video clipping os the interation and hope you all like it. Smt. Mohan aunty was very nice and she also sang a song which was really good. They did not bring their child and i am sure the child will be an artist material for sure! You can watch more of our interations in teh following links :