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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It was a concert i was looking forward which came thru just on the 11th when appa was asked if we can perform on the 14th April'08 at the Sringeri Saradhambal Temple in Kruupasankari Street, West Mambalam, Chennai. It was so because i was born and also was there staying in the same street for almost 6 years now and my first ever public concert for may be 15 mts with patriotic songs on keyboard was also at the same street. So it was so nice to have got the oppurtunity to perform here in front of known people who probably had seen me playing cricket and doing cycling all through out in the street! I all felt good when i saw few of my friends whom i had played with, in the first row and they all were very nice and kind to come and appreciate me! It was also great to get Prasadam from guruji Ramakrishnan like this!
Overall a concert i liked for various reasons, including my athai from Melbourne's presence and will be there in my mind for a long time to come. The audio of this concert is in and video in